Review: Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

Title:  Rock Chick
Author:  Kristen Ashley
Series:  Rock Chick, #1
Publisher:  N/A
Release Date:  December 8, 2008
Pages:  kindle edition, 412


Indy Savage, cop’s daughter, rock chick and used bookstore owner, has been in love with Lee Nightingale, once bad boy, now the man behind Nightingale Investigations, since she was five years old. No matter what ingenious schemes Indy used to capture his attention, Lee never showed an interest and Indy finally gave up. Now Indy’s employee, Rosie, has lost a bag of diamonds and bad guys are shooting at him. When Indy gets involved, Lee is forced to help. Complicating matters, Lee has decided he’s interested, Indy’s decided she’s not. But she can’t seem to keep Lee out of her life when she’s repeatedly stun gunned, kidnapped and there are car bombs exploding (not to mention she’s finding dead bodies).

Indy’s best bet is to solve the mystery of the diamonds before Lee. Lee’s challenge is to keep Indy alive and, at the same time, win back her heart.

I’m surprised I was able to finish this book. This book drove me FUCKING NUTS! Not in a good way! I detest more than anything when an adult acts like a child.

Reasons I hated this!:
Indy is a 30 year old who acts like a 16 year old.
Indy lies all the time.
Indy gets herself into dangerous situations.
Indy & Lee bring out the worse in each other.
All Lee wants to do is get into Indy’s pants!
Last, but not least BOREDOM!

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2 Comments to Review: Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

  1. Neyra says:

    Bahaha! Thiss. I was curious about this before, and then for some reason I just didn’t care anymore. I’m so glad I don’t have the urge to read it, I would have earned not bulleted this review xD LOL

    • Mariya Mariya says:

      LOL Me too! I was curious about it b/c I see so many of my GR friends reading it. I had read other KA books which for that author some I loved some I hated. But this one was a pain. Suffers from stupid heroine and way too overbearing males.

      I for one love my alpha males, but there is such a thing as too much alpha, more cavemen like alphas. Sometimes it works this time it didn’t. I did read another Rock Chick book though and I did like it way better than this one, so I’ll still debating on continuing.

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